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... or TSSHP for short. Fans of Larry Niven should have no problems with that acronym ... after all, if you can pronounce Phssthpok ...

Others have said it better than I, but, well, what a game, eh? First time shockers should probably look at the TriOptimum Corporate Network at Through the Looking Glass. It's also worthy of note that it is in the GameSpy Hall of Fame.

Sender: ff1
Subject: ss-specs is obsolete, long live ss-specs

Apart from all the news about an official remake of the original System Shock 1, as well as the announcement of a System Shock 3 (search the internet for details), there's also some news regarding the state of the documentation - specifically the ss-specs.txt file.

The file has become superseded and is now obsolete. Throughout the years, there have been several SS1-related fan projects. For about a year now, there has been the project Inky Blackness in the works, which has a dedicated subproject to document the data files.

As per today, their subproject has imported, corrected, and expanded on all the information from TSSHP. Please refer to that project in the future for up-to-date information.
I have now also included an "obsolescence" notice in the ss-specs.txt file, just to be sure.

For further information on current projects have a look at the System Shock Modding Community.

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